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10 Reasons Why you should choose Wathoothorn as your cosmetic producer.


1. Quality Standards that are beyond other companies in the cosmetic market.

Guarantee with GMP ( From Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health ) ISO22716 , ISO 9001 : 2015 . Therefore, customer’s products will be of high quality and of international standards, which are then able to be exported overseas.

2. Professional specialist team

With 10-years’ experience, Wathoothorn has expertise and know-how of branding quality cosmetics. Our policy is to develop and train our staff to improve their skills continually. That’s why we are experts in the cosmetics industry and satisfy customer’s needs in every way.

3. One Stop Service 

Our services can help a new business owner who is interested in beauty and skin care products. We provide a high quality of ingredients obtained from worldwide sources. We make a quality test on every product before launching it to the marketplace. We include services at the beginning (produce), packaging, FDA certificate process, logo design, other certifications, packaging design, banner design and provide consultancy for marketing.

4. Security is our policy

Your product’s ingredient will be confidentially signed with us and you can trust in our honesty. We adhere for the client’s information and copyright of the products. You can believe that your products will be different and unique from others in the same market.

5. Support services both SEM or Start up till large company. 

For Small MOQ as new business starter, we can produce products within your budget, beginning at 100 kgs or 100 pieces. Otherwise, quantity reordering will be depended upon your request. In case of huge quantity MOQ, we can produce in tons per day for large businesses.


6. Quality guarantee by QC&QA

We set a high standard of production which will be the case each time. You can trust that the quality in every reorder will be to the same high standards as the original.

7. Imported ingredients from worldwide and certified by COA.

Our Strength is we can import ingredients globally and there are wide variety of ingredients. For everything which is mixed into the product, there is a very high quality and certified by COA. Ingredients are all certified by the FDA so you can be confident 100% of the quality.

8. We have a policy to improve our personnel to upgrade in Cosmetic science.

We are focused on human resources. We keep training and updating trends for the R&D team to be specialists and pioneers of new cosmetic innovation.

9. Cosmetic Branding consultants and marketing courses are provided to our clients.


We provide many courses of learning within the cosmetic business to support our clients as a starter, medium and large business owner who require education for professional managing and development.

10. We look to provide the support service for all our range of clients and you can directly communicate with our CEO.

For our clients, we take care to provide the very highest level of service and support.Our team is professional and willing to give the best advice to help you for any and every potential enquiry.


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