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            Mr. Thatpon, CEO Wathoothorn has made a joint venture with Lt.Col. Narawit Pao-In the board director of Central Lab Thai and Mr.Worawut Saibua, the CEO Beautynista Co., Ltd. ( signed an MOU contract to upgrade Thailand cosmetic industry in exhibition CEO COSMETIC : OPERATION MASTERCLASS. For attendees, you will get the knowledge about online cosmetic system, know how to survive in this business and get high revenue by professional at Mida Airport Hotel Bangkok.

            Mr. Thatpon, the CEO Wathoothorn said “Now a days, the cosmetic industry is the most popular in Thailand. From Kasikorn Research Center information in 2018, found that the market value of the cosmetic industry is over two hundred billion baht. This is a great benefit for new entrepreneurs to invest in cosmetic manufacturing. Wathoothorn are aware in safety for consumers because we achieved GMPPlus+ (Asean GMP and ISO22716 (GMP)) to guarantee our procedure and product quality. We also achieve ISO9001 (2015), Halal testimonial and Green Industry certificate signed the contract with Central Lab Thai and to upgrade Thailand cosmetic industry to be international standard. For Wathoothorn’s procedure, we will test to find out contaminants or prohibited substances in cosmetic products every time for the consumers trust and belief in our quality, we also support our product quality to an international standard”.

            Besides the signing contract ceremony, we held a seminar course to support business owners to learn and be aware in the matters of cosmetic industry and business management. This is the reason we founded learning center as WATHOOTHORN BUSINESS SCHOOL, there are a plenty of courses in cosmetic and beauty products. The first course, a joint venture with in the name of CEO COSMETIC: OPERATION MASTERCLASS. This course focused for online cosmetic systems, how to manage non bankruptcy in this business and get high revenue by professionals. We will provide the knowledge about the system of cosmetic online shopping in the correct way. We update trends and direction of cosmetic and beauty industry in this era, strategies of branding, consumer’s order behaviors, product’s pricing, cost and distribution management. Also structure of promotion in each market channels, how to manage the cost without loss and how to evaluate the value of business, also measure performance from online marketing. This knowledge will support the business owners to develop and improve performance to compete in the market. This is the benefit for new brands or existing brands to be successful and sustainable growth.

             Mr. Narawit Pao-In, the board director of Central Lab Thai, said “Central Lab Thai is a government’s lab which is responsible for quality and safety testing of cosmetic products following international standard stipulation. Thai government encourages test analysis and requires manufacturing certifications including being FDA registered to make install confidence in the consumption by MOU signing with Wathoothorn. It is a great opportunity for us because Wathoothorn is the international standard manufacturing, who will push cosmetic products forward to be the best, motivate all business owners and make the consumers be confident in the quality of products. This is the inspiration for developing and promoting the OEM business to be of international standard.

            On the side of Mr. Worawut Saibua, the committee of Thailand E-commerce Association and the chairman of Beauty Nista Co., Ltd. said “ is the website platform for online shopping for cosmetic and beauty products also including branding consultant services. For the service, we give ideas for how to choose the manufacturer, marketing strategies, content creation and find out the suitability of markets for offline and online channels.  For our prominent point, we are professionals in reliability for the brands by joint venture with the reliable institutions who always observe control of Thailand cosmetic manufacturing such as FDA, OSMEP, OCPB and Thai Central Lab”.

            By MOU signing ceremony we participated with the 3 parties for the purpose of installing confidence for the consumers to consume safe and reliable products by having control at the begin of manufacturing until distribution. This point can improve competitive performance in cosmetic markets to be stronger and achieve higher performance. We support entrepreneurs to avoid a price war because we will push their products to be more credible and achieve online sustainable growth.

             Mr. Worawut concluded that “I would like to cultivate entrepreneurs to focus on branding in the right way and not focus so much on the benefit from business at the beginning. Please do not think that this business is the easiest or will achieve high revenues straight away as you consider entering into this market. Please do not do business in this market without morality. For entrepreneurs who are interested in this business, without the appropriate knowledge, will quickly disappear without the correct know how to survive from the competition. It means that niche products or ingredients are not the most important point in branding to be successful in this era. The most important points for entrepreneurs are business management skills, branding, being reliable, adaptation to compete in the market and know consumer’s behaviors. Hence, branding is easy but is not and the most important point, endurance is needed to achieve the greatest level of success”.

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